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Twin CIties Live With Elizabeth Ries


Fun times at Twin Cities Live!  Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to take pictures yesterday in the studio at TCL as it was such a rush to get all of my displays set up in time.  2 car loads full of props to set up in 3 different party displays…all in less than 40 minutes.  Luckily, we finished all of the last details in just enough time and I had a few minutes to touch up in the make-up room and change into my heels.  What a busy day!  I wish I would have had time to shoot some of the details in the TCL studio — but I will catch up on some close-ups and share a list of tips/tricks that were covered on the show here in the next few days.

I did grab this one picture with Elizabeth + my wonderful assistants, Ava and Madelyn, on set.  Thankfully, the girls reminded me to take a picture after we had packed up the 2 cars.  I was so busy throughout the day that I didn’t get a chance for any other captures.  At least it’s all taped (segment link is in the following post)…

Twin Cities Live

Many thanks to Twin Cities Live for having me on the show today!  The producers were wonderful to work with and I appreciate all the help from the great crew in the studio.  8 minutes went by fast, but it was fun to share party ideas and inspiration with Minnesota!  Elizabeth and Dez were awesome, of course…love those girls!

A very special thanks to my favorite party girls + amazing assistants, Ava and Madelyn.  How fun to have them make their television debut on the party segment! Their fascination and wonder of it all made the experience all the better.



Friday on Twin CIties Live

Great ideas to share for spring and summer parties! Watch me Friday on Twin Cities Live (KSTP 5 at 3 pm). I will be talking about 3 different party themes and sharing tips on how to add creative details to any celebration. It’s going to be a great show so be sure to tune in….or set your DVR!