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    Hi there! Thank you so much for visiting the Kelly Anderson photo blog. That's me (in my pajamas) photographing my 3 little loves. As you can see it's the fun, intimate, everyday moments that I love to capture!

her favorite skirt this summer




This pic was taken at the start of summer in San Diego.  It’s still the fav. – she’s rockn’ it whenever possible.  

I’m posting this now because I’m just feeling kind of lucky at this moment that we are still living like it’s summertime.  I normally would not slow down to appreciate this beautiful weather so much but I’m caught up in it right now simply because I had plans to be in Minnesota this week.  At the very last moment I cancelled the trip due to weather (snow…rain…gray skies…cold).  I had 5 photo sessions set up and the weather just wasn’t right for good outdoor photography…so, instead I am at home in the Arizona sunshine.  Flip-flops.  80-90 degree temps.  Outdoor swimming.  Mini golf.  Hula hooping.  Evening walks with my fam.  Light (always a photog’s essential ingredient).

Don’t get me wrong.  I am so bummed to miss the opportunity to photograph the wonderful families in Minnesota.  I have been so excited about this trip for weeks and had awesome ideas for each of the families on my sceduele.  Although I had to cancel for now, I am sooooo looking forward to next time.  For now, I am glad to be home in Arizona — where there is light.  It’s not so much about the weather for me (I typically avoid the sun and hide in the shade at all costs) — but it’s all about the light.   When there is light, I can be outside shooting.  And that’s my thing.





I just placed an order to have this picture printed on large canvas wrap (for my mom) so I thought I’d post it at the same time.  This is one of my mom’s favorite images because the starfish is the symbol for reading recovery (she is a newly retired teacher and has a strong passion for reading). 

I hope you love it, mom!  Can’t wait to see it hanging up at the lake!

bring the fade back





It was a heavy picture day today. Many images to get through but this one caught my eye on a very breif review.

Yes, I brought the FADE back (or what I like to call I’ve been out in the sun too long)!  I haven’t shared this processing style in many posts so if you’ve missed it, here’s a peek. I hope to post others soon (but there are many projects to complete before I get to that).

My girl learned the first steps of hula hooping today, thanks to her fab auntie Kjerstin.



happy birthday dad!





Today is a big birthday for my dad and we wish him a happy year ahead! 

Tonight we celebrated with dinner (and dancing!) at Pinnacle Peak Patio.  Dad, we’re happy that you are in AZ for your birthday so we can celebrate with you!

mama love


So, I’ve been working away on the photo session from last weekend with the jake ryan family and oh…my…goodness…

this one here just struck me.

I am loving so many of the images (can’t wait to post but I still have more to do).   Until then, here’s one of my favorites.

Maybe I favor it because it is all about mama love.   It reminds me of the way I feel when I play with my girls.  happy.  connected.  proud.  amazed.  in love.