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    Hi there! Thank you so much for visiting the Kelly Anderson photo blog. That's me (in my pajamas) photographing my 3 little loves. As you can see it's the fun, intimate, everyday moments that I love to capture!

dad & mom & son


I came across these pics while working on a client project and wanted to share because they were not included in previous posts.


At first, it was just the 2 of them…




and then, along came Jake (and everything became a bit more interesting)…




I totally love how little man is hanging on the ampersand.  Perfect.

boynton on board




My baby ‘j’ is so into reading these days. She packs up her favorites (the sandra boynton board books) and carries them with her everywhere in this little green suitcase.  Perfect size for a small stack of books and a few other toys.  We call it her breifcase and she is so proud to carry it around.  People ask her about her little box and she happily shows them all the contents.




As you can see, J really loves her books.  She points at the pictures and tells great stories in her own little language.  I love to hear her voice intonation go up and down as she reads to herself.  Listening to a little one ‘talk’ before they have words is the cutest thing ever!   I really need to borrow a video camera to record some of these moments.  I have no videos of my daughters and I’m always wishing that I was able to look back at clips from different stages.


I love that these pictures are true to life.  Baby J is totally doing her thing here:  packing up her suitcase, reading her books…unpacking…moving things around…re-organizing whatever she can get her hands on…pointing things out…practicing her vocabulary…learning little bits in each moment of play.  I love watching it all happen.  Can I please just stop time and keep her at this age for a decade or so?




By the way, how cool are these legwarmers?  I made them out of a pair of Juicy Couture socks!  They say ‘Give my candy’…how sweet!   Legwarmers are the BEST.




P.S.  The adorable hat you see here will appear again and again in my pictures (in various colors).  I LOVE Marili Jean!  As I have mentioned in previous posts, this new hat company was recently started by a friend from college (Laurie).  I never would have imagined all those years back as we sat next to each other through psychology classes that we would be partnering up on such a fun collaboration.  I will be doing photography work for her and am so excited to share all the great styles with you as we go.  For now, there is one image (on the Marili Jean home page).  In our college days,  the teamwork was something more like a social behavioral research project…or evaluating the behavior of rats (ie:  persistance of pushing the lever press during interval reward scedueles).  I think we’re having more fun nowadays!  Anyway — Laurie is just getting started and she has such a great thing going.  Check out her website at

holiday cards

What I’m working on now:  Holiday cards from a few of my recent photo sessions!

For those of you who have had family sessions over the last few weeks, I will send a few ideas your way over the next week.  I love this time of year!


As you can see, this card has the very stylish pink damask pattern on the back side.  A photo can also be added as well.

sneak peek: sisters session

Here’s a sneak peek collage series from a recent session with 2 of my favorite little girls.  This sister duo helped us survive the AZ heat this past summer with fun-filled indoor playdates.  They were nearly neighbors to us until they moved out of state a few months ago.  We miss having them located so conveniently down the street.  Lucky for us, they were back in town recently for a visit and we were able to catch up with each other.  They also wanted to fit a holiday photo session into their trip…always a wonderful thing!


Note: Two of my favorite ‘spotlight’ designers featured here!  The hat is by Marili Jean and the snowman outfits are by Noah and Lilah.


Such a doll she is!  Click here for another photo session with this sweet girl in July 09.

superhero girls





Every 2 weeks M&M have a playdate.  It’s tons of fun for all of us girls.  The kids have a great time together and I always enjoy taking a few pictures while they play.  The energy between them is just amazing – they will run, jump, dance, sing, laugh, and play for hours.  There are very few calm moments.

I love that my M has such a great little friend.  It’s fun to watch the excitement and joy that these 2 have in spending time together.

Here they are playing around in Super hero capes (made by Kelli from Oh sew sweet: see more about this designer here).  We stopped at the DQ for cherry dilly bars and ended up at one of my favorite photo locations.







I am so happy to say that M was willing to share her red cowboy boots on this particular day without any hassle.  That is quite a feat.  They are her all-time favorite shoes and she often insists on sleeping in them.  M must be a very special friend to be allowed this great privilege.


The collage series: