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The story of Olivia


Today I had my niece over and it reminded me A LOT of the books by Laura Numeroff (ie: If You Give a Moose a Muffin, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, If You Give a Pig a Pancake…)

If you have your niece over for a sleepover, she’s going to want to stay up LATE and make it count. So you do – you get past midnight and feel like some great memories were made – until you realize that she still wants to get up at the crack of dawn and have pancakes. And not just pancakes, but a full out toppings bar with frosting + syrups + sprinkles + cute decorations (just like last time). Ah, love that she remembers the details – cute. So you wake up with her at 6 am and read some books, watch a movie, and wait for her cousins (the sleepyheads) to come alive. She will ask you to wake up her cousins again and again, until you reluctantly agree (they are in much better moods when they awake on their own time). The others will be sleepy and dozy and it will take some effort, but will finally arise to play with their enthusiastic cousin. Your niece will have big plans for what will happen during the day so you listen to her agenda and smile at her excitement. You are thrilled that she’s happy to spend the day and tell her that you will certainly try your best to do all of the things she would like. The first thing is pancakes (with sprinkles) for breakfast. And so it begins…

If you give your niece a a pancake, she will ask for some sprinkles to top it.
if you give her sprinkles, she will ask to make cupcakes. Sounds great! Good plan.
if you give her a cupcake (or 3), she will get frosting in her hair and ask for a bath…
if you give her a bath, she will ask for bubbles…
if you give her bubbles, she will make a mess and you’ll spend a lot of time cleaning up in the bathroom – while you are in the bathroom, she will raid her cousin’s closet and find her dream outfit. So, you help her get dressed and then she will ask for a hairstyle to match her styln’ clothes.
If you give her the hairstyle, chances are she will not like it and have a bit of a tantrum so you will try to calm her down and offer to read her some books. She will agree but then a few pages into the 2nd book, she will see fancy nancy all glammed up and she will get the idea to find some much fancier clothes. She will ask you to get her some dress up clothes.
If you give her the dress-up clothes, she will twirl like a princess and put on a show. Of course she will need her hair re-done to match the glamour look and so she will ask for a new hair-do.
If you give her a new hair-do, she will love it for 10 minutes and then decide it is too itchy so she will ask you to take it out. So you take it out and let her pick out the next wardrobe change and then she will decide that she wants to play on the swingset and she will ask you to give her a piggy back ride outside.
If you give her a piggy back ride, she will ask you to flip her over (again and again) until you are totally worn out. After you’re worn out, she will ask for some lemonade.
If you give her lemonade, she will ask for a kit kat bar to go with it. So you do, because that’s easy enough…but then you tell her she has to eat something healthy and good to balance out all the sprinkles and chocolate. After much debate about what she should eat for lunch, she agrees to pizza and fruit. So you have a good lunch and then she asks for a new hairstyle (again).
If you give her a new hairstyle (again), she might not like it. She might think you need to use 3 more hairbands. She may ask you to re-do the same exact hairstyle and use 3 hairbands instead of 1 and she just may insist on it.
If you give her the 3 hairbands, she will ask you to take it out 1o minutes later because it’s time for a new style. 
If you give her yet another new style, she will ask you to change wardrobe once again and she will have very clear ideas about what she would like. If you cannot produce exactly that, you should try harder to make it happen because her insistance will not fade. Not one bit. 
If you give her the perfect outfit, she will want to get her picture taken. If you take her picture and she loves it, she will want to see it on your computer so it’s really big (and not the little tiny image on the back of your camera). So you load it to your computer and then she will see a new game that she wants to play and she will beg you to let her play the game. But you don’t want to waste time on the computer so you suggest that she play with her cousins in the fort upstairs. She will agree, and run off to play with her cousins and then 15 minutes will pass and you can start to clean up the pancake and cupcake mess. And then she will find you again and ask for some new clothes
If you give her new clothes (again), she will ask for a new hairstyle (again).

Rinse and repeat. Story of the day.

Ah, love her. Ready for bed!


stars & stripes

Stars and Stripes! Catch my segment on Twin Cities Live today at 3 pm – channel 5. Fun ideas to add some sparkle to your July 4th celebrations!