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    Hi there! Thank you so much for visiting the Kelly Anderson photo blog. That's me (in my pajamas) photographing my 3 little loves. As you can see it's the fun, intimate, everyday moments that I love to capture!

Interview with Julia: age 3

This year I started the tradition of interviewing the girls at the beginning of each school year.  It’s a fun experience for sure and I know their words will bring back favorite memories in the future.   See Madelyn’s interview here.

And now, Julia at age 3…

Be warned:  I wrote some of Julia’s words in the way that she pronounces them.  This may be annoying to read so sorry for that – but I want to look back at this and remember the way that she used her words at age 3.  You may not understand the verbage (so sorry!) but it’s true-to-life.

Favorite color: blue

Favorite foods: Peanut ‘Butta’ Sandwich, Maca-woah-ni and cheese

Favorite person: You!  (I wonder what she would say if Dada asked her the question)

Other favorite people: Ahh-livia and May-may and Thomas

Favorite thing to do: Hug my mama!!

Favorite thing to wear: My costume that has ‘sprinkle’s on it (pretty sure she means sparkles)

Favorite Friend: Woah-wick (R0rek)…I love Woah-wick!  And Ahh-livia but she’s my cousin too.

Favorite toy: Donald

Favorite thing to do with Mama: play with mama and fly!

Favorite thing to do with Dada: play stinkerhorsey and dinosaurs

Favorite thing to do with May-may: Play May-may’s com-pew-ta games

Favorite thing to do with Tommy: Play and make him laugh

Favorite movie: RIO!

Favorite place to visit: my home

Favorite book: Dinosaurs happy and Dinosaurs sad (a board book by Sandra Boynton) and Brown Bear – both books that she recites by memory

Favorite trip: Mala-ca-merica-ma (Mall of America) and Target.

Favorite day: Disneyland

Favorite doll: Ah-bewy Ortcake (Strawberry Shortcake) and Dora

Worst day ever: When I was sad because we didn’t have a band-aid

Something that makes you happy: Mama!

What I’m most thankful for: I’m thankful for You!  (pretty sure it’s all because I’m asking the question)

My favorite drink: Juice…I’m going to get something to drink (and she’s off)…

So I follow her into the kitchen and ask another question….

‘I’m done now!  I’m done!’

And when she’s done, she’s done.

Off to play May-may’s com-pew-ta games…

I’m hoping to continue with a few more questions later.  At this age, it’s a good idea to do a little at a time.

Have you done an annual interview with your kiddos?  Any favorite questions?  I’d love to know!

celebrating ONE

Just a glimpse of the fun we had at Tommy’s 1st birthday party this weekend…

Many more pics to share soon!

pinata party

Last weekend we gathered this sweet group of cousins (and cousins’ cousins) together for an early Halloween celebration.

So fun to share holidays with family!  We are thankful to live close to our people.

In their words…

As a photographer, I love to hear reactions from my clients upon viewing their images.  My goal in every session is to show those who are willing to spend time in front of my lens the beauty of their life…and I LOVE LOVE LOVE to see the reaction.

In my most recent photo sessions I have asked clients to complete a feedback questionnaire (optional, of course) so that I can understand more about the client experience.  While reviewing feedback from this week’s session, I realized that the comments shared may help explain a bit about my style and what to expect in a lifestyle session…so I’ve decided to share their words here (with permission, of course).

This review is from the Baeth family (see post below for more images)…

Tell me about your photo session experience…

What did you like about the session?

I liked the convenience of the location, the flexibility you offered with scheduling the time/place and your willingness to reschedule as needed, the relaxed/go with the flow feel of the session (especially with 2 little ones), and that you brought props (and even hair accessories – which added SO much to the pics of our 2 year old).

What did you not like?

Initially I was hesitant about the cost because the photographer that we had been using was much less expensive…but once we received the pictures, the difference in quality, creativity and style is very apparent. I wouldn’t hesitate to (and we most definitely will) pay for your services over and over again.

I can’t even express how wonderful we think the pictures are! We’re in love!  You know when people ask you what you would grab (besides your loved ones of course) if your house was on fire and you could take one thing…well, I might just have to say these pictures!:)Thank you thank you!!

What helped you to feel comfortable during your session?

Definitely your personality – you made us feel very comfortable (all of us-including the girls). It was nice to have you tell us what to do as far how to look, guidance on expressions, etc.

List 5 words that describe your family session (ie: fun, painful, etc)
Beautiful…Stress-free / laid back…Fun…Easy…Creative

What was easy for you?
The “poses” (or non-poses) were easy and natural…as it was natural to interact with the girls and as a family.

What was difficult for you?
For me personally, it was probably just being a mom and worrying about my 2-year old potentially having a meltdown over shoes, wearing a headband (which I was surprised how well she did with that – probably b/c you had it and put it on her versus mom ;)), and her participation. I definitely think that the pictures you created (reading books, laying on blanket, hanging with mom/dad) made the session enjoyable and fun for a toddler.

What can your photographer do to improve this experience?
I honestly can’t think of anything that I would suggest changing…it was a wonderful experience.

Why did you select your photographer for this commission?
My friend told me about your photography and gave me your blogsite to check out…after seeing the work that you’ve done, I knew you were someone I wanted to try.

5 words that describe how you feel about your images…
In Love!!!…Blessed…Excited…Happy…Boastful (want to show them off)

Your favorite image…

Oh gosh…it’s so hard to pick just one. My top 3 are the picture of Kelly and baby, where he’s snuggled up close to her cheek and she’s smiling and the 2 pictures that you emailed me (one of each girl).

Your least favorite image…

I’m sure you think I’m being nice…but I really can’t say that I have a least favorite. I really do love them all – for different reasons. It’s even the little things – like the way Reese’s legs are sitting on my chest in 1 of the family pictures, or how her fingers are on my back, our facial expressions, the look in our eyes and the lighting (I now know what you meant by the light being perfect in the pics-beautiful)!

What do you like about your pics?

All that’s been mentioned above, but overall I’m just thrilled to have these images of our family, especially our girls, at this moment in time. Before we know it we’ll be looking back in time trying to remember life when we had a baby and a 2 year old…to have these images that captured such emotion is a gift!

Are there any pics that you do not like? Which one(s)…and what do you not like?

No – love them all.

5 words that describe your photographer’s style…

Personal (meaning, you take our life/interests/personalities into account when creating your shots)…Detailed…Fun…Accommodating…Unique

Thanks so much Brooke and Kelly!

There is nothing better than taking moments in time and creating imagery that captures the emotion…the beauty…the amazing bits of life.    Knowing the images I’ve photographed bring such joy (and will forever bring joy) to my clients is the greatest reward.