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    Hi there! Thank you so much for visiting the Kelly Anderson photo blog. That's me (in my pajamas) photographing my 3 little loves. As you can see it's the fun, intimate, everyday moments that I love to capture!

learning to skate

Yes, we had even MORE ice time today.  Can’t beat this gorgeous warm December weather!  Loving every minute…

ice is nice

Never, ever would I expect to find myself ice fishing over holiday break (especially with our 3 little ones).  I’ve had zero interest to try it…but tonight we ended up doing the unexpected.  Tony has gone out on the lake a few evenings this week and the girls have been begging me to take them out to see what he’s doing.  This afternoon we finally set out on the lake and found Tony with his fish house and several drilled holes surrounding his camp.   The weather was beautiful so we ended up staying out on the ice into evening.  The clean ice (without snow covering) was smooth and perfect.  We had great fun sliding around and keeping watch of the multiple fishing holes.

What a change of scenery from Arizona!  Our world is so different now and it’s fun to welcome new experiences.

Christmas breakfast

Just a glimpse of the fun we had last week at our holiday breakfast party…

more pics to come!

a good year

2011 adventures and details (as pictured): carnivals, golf outings at vista verde (fountain hills), camping in MN, lazy river, rock climbing, retro pool party, Julia’s 3rd birthday, ice cream date (30 days to kinder), outdoor adventures, halloween, learning to crawl (and then walk), roasting marshmallows, photobooth: commerical project for LoraLee Lewis, sweet moments, favorite boots/apple pickn’, our obsession (tommy), hanging at the pool, first snowfall in MN, graham crackers for making s’mores, lunchbag for our kindergarten girl, big sister kisses, dress up, i love that orange tent, hershey’s chocolate syrup from our going away party, mama snuggles, hula hoops, easter eggs, flippers, cute baby, more hula hoops, family golf outing and picture play, apples from MN orchard, we really LOVE hula hoops, baby bed, loving on him (our favorite 2011 pastime), serious looks, family of 5/always in flip flops, AZ sunshine, packing the UHaul, AZ resort staycation

hockey skates

So much blogging to catch up on (as usual).

In the meantime, here’s one from today: Madelyn + her hockey skates.

The lake was full of activity all day – ice fishers, wind surfers, broom ballers….

We finally went out to skate around 4 and everyone had cleared off. No one in sight – although I’m not sure why…the sun was just starting to fall and it was so peaceful.