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day 24/30 days to kinder: rooftop bowling

It wasn’t exactly cool enough to take the bowling set outside tonight – but we did anyway. Little sis Julia joined us for the fun and I will share more pics of her later…for now, I only have time to post a few so it’s all about our soon-to-be school girl.

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day 23/30 days to kinder: baskin robbins

Our days are getting extremely busy as we prepare to move so this was a quick outing…but a perfect escape from packing + cleaning.  Thankful to have moments like this in the midst of chaos! Love my sweet girlies.

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day 20/ 30 days to kinder: rockclimbing

Tonight we took off for adventures in the vertical world of rockclimbing.  Madelyn was brave and amazing!  She climbed over 30 feet without hesitation.  I took a few pics while she was just getting started and then packed up my camera so that I could responsibly belay for the climb. Proud of you girl!

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