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day 6/30 days to kinder: BBQ with friends

The highlight of today was a BBQ and swimming fun with the Schotz family.  Always fun! Madelyn and Madison have been the best of friends since they were just babies.  The 2 of them have had hundreds of playdates over these last 5 years and share so many great memories.  We will surely miss this […]

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day 5/30 days to kinder: baking cakes

OK, so I don’t bake much.  Not much of a problem – except lately I’ve realized that my girls are really interested in making/creating/baking special foods so I’m making a point to try get out of my comfort zone.  Madelyn is always asking me to teach her how to make cake/cupcakes/cookies so how can I […]

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day 4/ 30 days to kinder: ‘i like me!’

Sometimes reading a book is the best together time. ‘I like me!’ by Nancy Carlson is a family favorite.   I love the message – it’s about a cheerful pig (Louanne) who has great self esteem, self acceptance, and self confidence. Louanne is her own best friend. She knows how to take care of herself […]

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day 3/30 days to kinder: building forts

Another awesome day!  Mad had the idea to build a fort together so we spent the evening covering her room in blankets and tablecloths.  For a final touch we added mini lanterns to make it magical. Now we’re packing up for a special fort slumber party… Pillow pets – check.  Sleeping bags – check.  Favorite […]

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day 2/30 days to kinder: movie night

RIO is far and away the girls’ favorite movie so it was an obvious choice for our countdown to kinder.  Madelyn begs me to watch it with her so it’s about time I say YES (like really yes…I’ll fully engage in this and not multitask 4 other projects at the same time). It turned […]

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