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Twin Cities Live: the details from 1/10/14

Here’s a few of the ideas that I shared on today’s Twin Cities Live segment (in case you missed it)…

* Tell Dad-to-be that you’re pregnant with a fun surprise:  Empty out his sock drawer and fill it up with newborn diapers – add a cute note saying “Can’t wait to meet you in August, Dad!”  This is such a simple idea and will be a great surprise for sure!

* Share a small gift from ThePartyPosse that indicates size of baby.  These tiny little boxes are a sweet and simple way to share the news!
b950 AD6A2765
Depending on the week you choose to announce, include a tiny little size indication.  A great keepsake and memory.
b950 peapod
space* Order fortune cookies with your own special message inside (or make your own at home).  We did this when we were expecting our first baby (almost 9 years ago).  On Mother’s day we gave both of our mothers a cute box of fortune cookies (inside fortune read a new grandchild is expected in December).
b650 AD6A2685
* Have an illustration drawn of you, as a couple (or family) with an added surprise….a cute little baby bump on mama!
This amazing illustration by Katie Ryan is modern and fun!  What a great keepsake for a very special time in life.  This image depicts my very stylish friend,Christina Holm-Sandok (founder of Style-Architectsi) with her husband, Craig Sandok, and their dog Zoe (+ a very cute baby bump of course!!)
space2Make it into an announcement card for Valentine’s day, Mother’s day, Christmas or ANYday!
Katie is available for custom illustrations and also sells ready-made prints at – check her out!  She’s amazing!!
b975 llustration used as announcement
* Create a family calendar with a big surprise in the month baby is due.  This idea is great for announcing to grandparents, older siblings, and other family members.  When we told our kids we were expecting baby #4 it was just before the new year started so we gave them each a photo calendar filled with favorite memories.  In the month of May there was a big surprise – an ultrasound picture of new baby bro/sis!  We also wrote in ‘New baby due!’ on the actual due date.
b950 AD6A2656
b950 family calendar
This could also be a good idea for announcing gender!  Include a photo indicating gender in the due date month if you’ve already shared the pregnancy news. offers modern and stylish varieties for calendars with great design.  I made this calendar online in less than an hour using favorite pictures and it was sent out to me 2 days later.  Calendars come in 2 sizes (regular and GRAND oversized).
b950 AD6A2677
You could also make a year-at-a-glance calendar to keep it really simple.  Here’s an example:
b975 cal
* Here’s an EASY and fun gender reveal just for kids (siblings of new baby)
This idea is inspired by an old trick I used to LOVE when I was a kid.  One year for my birthday, my mom wrapped a present inside of a present in side of a present…and I had to open a dozen gifts before I finally found a tiny gift at the end.  Such a fun memory!  I loved everything about it – the laughter, the fun, the suspense.  I actually made a game of wrapping up fake gifts for my little sister to open (again and again and again).
space2To share the news about a new brother/sister with our kids, I used the same concept.  I wrapped 12 gifts in nested boxes (so each child would have 4 to open on a rotation) and alternated each box in blues and pinks.  In the last (smallest) box, I wrapped a small baby gift indicating boy/girl.
b875 bro sis
The kids had a blast!  They took turns unwrapping boxes and suspense grew as the boxes got smaller and smaller.  With each new layer, they laughed and called out “BOY!”…”GIRL!”.  Madelyn opened the last box and unwrapped layers of pink tissue paper…and finally found 3 nautical striped tees in navy, blue, and green.  There was also a card that said “It’s a boy!”

Everyone cheered and jumped around with great excitement.  Such a fun memory!
It’s 2 girls + 2 boys for the Anderson family, how fun!  We’re all so excited to meet our little guy in May!
b950 bro
*I also thought it would be fun to if it would be fun to have a small white balloon in the last box (instead of a baby gift) with a safety pin and card attached saying ‘pop me’.  Inside the balloon there would be pink/blue confetti and a cute little note saying “It’s a…!” We opted for the gift instead because we knew our kids would fight over who would get to pop the tiny balloon.
This cute option is available at ThePartyPose.