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Twin CIties Live With Elizabeth Ries


Fun times at Twin Cities Live!  Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to take pictures yesterday in the studio at TCL as it was such a rush to get all of my displays set up in time.  2 car loads full of props to set up in 3 different party displays…all in less than 40 minutes.  Luckily, we finished all of the last details in just enough time and I had a few minutes to touch up in the make-up room and change into my heels.  What a busy day!  I wish I would have had time to shoot some of the details in the TCL studio — but I will catch up on some close-ups and share a list of tips/tricks that were covered on the show here in the next few days.

I did grab this one picture with Elizabeth + my wonderful assistants, Ava and Madelyn, on set.  Thankfully, the girls reminded me to take a picture after we had packed up the 2 cars.  I was so busy throughout the day that I didn’t get a chance for any other captures.  At least it’s all taped (segment link is in the following post)…