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30 days to kinder overview

30 days of fun!  30 days to celebrate the last moments before my baby became a school girl.

Special, special days.

I will be forever grateful for the memories we made here.

So I’ve had A LOT of emails asking about the 30 days to kinder countdown I did with Madelyn before she started school this last fall.  Some of you have asked me to do a full post where all 30 days are together in one place.  It sounds like a great idea – but there are sooo many pictures so I think it might be too much for one post.  I will consider a doing a special recap post…but in the meantime, you can view our countdown by clicking on ’30 days to kinder’ under the categories tab.  The posts will appear backwards (day 30 first).  Unfortunatly that’s the way it is for now – if you want to start at the begining you can just go to the end and read backwards.  😉

Here’s a list of all that we did:

Day 1: Ice cream date (and make lists together for what we wanted to do in the 30 days)

Day 2: Movie night (we made a nest on the floor with blankets and pillows, ate popcorn + sweets, and watched our favorite – Rio)

Day 3: Fort building

Day 4: Favorite books (and a special crown for my school girl)

Day 5: Baked cupcakes

Day 6: BBQ and swimming with Mad’s bestie

Day 7:  Learned to write new words

Day 8: Painted with nail polish

Day 9:  Went swimming and experimented with underwater camera

Day 10: School shopping

Day 11: Packed up boxes in Mad’s room and played games

Day 12: Made pipe cleaner sunglasses and other fashion accessories

Day 13: Made cupcake toppers for a party

Day 14: Farewell party with Arizona friends

Day 15: Hungry Hungry Hippos marathon

Day 16: Mini golf adventure

Day 17:  Pool time fun

Day 18:  Shopped at Trader Joes

Day 19: Cotton Candy treats

Day 20: Rock climbing

Day 21: Carnival

Day 22: Lunch date

Day 23: Baskin Robbins

Day 24: Rooftop bowling

Day 25: made gumball necklaces

Day 26: Packed up to move across country (lots of games involving a house full of giant moving boxes)

Day 27 and 28: Interview with Madelyn

Day 29: Explore MN

Day 30: Apple orchard

And then school began!  Day 1 of kinder was a good day.  I felt like I was a little more ready to watch her walk into her new classroom because I knew that we had stocked up on so many special experiences before the big day.

I’ve heard from many of you that you are planning a countdown.  I would love to hear your stories + see pics!  Please link up and share.

It’s TONS of fun so enjoy the moments!