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santa’s breakfast

I better share this post before 2011 ends and the holidays are far in the past (that happens soooo fast).

Earlier this month we had some friends over for a holiday brunch.  Now that we living back in the community where we both grew up, it is fun to invite old friends (the ones that have known us most of our lives) to celebrate with us.   That is such a great feeling.  After living away for many years, it’s just a good thing to reconnect.  Thankful for that!
Inspired by the LoraLee Lewis Reindeer Games collection,  we planned a holiday breakfast and asked our guests to wear pajamas for the cozy event.   What’s better than starting the day with a big breakfast + good friends?  Pajamas encouraged…even better!
Hot cocoa bar:
Toppings included gourmet cocoa, mint sitcks, cookie crumbles, mini choc chips, marshmallows, crushed peppermint, and ‘dasher and dancer’ whipped cream.

The menu:

Waffles + berries with Dasher & Dasher whipped cream
Blitzenberry + Vixon Very Vanilla yogurt
Egg bake dishes lovingly created by my mother-in-law
Christmas tea loaf
sweets and treats
The drinks:
Snow-chilled milk (from the North pole, of course)
Hot cocoa bar
Bloody Marys
It should be mentioned that this party never would have come together without my amazing mother-in-law.  She came up with most of the delicious food and made all of the details come together.  I give her full credit for this tasty breakfast (including the fab drinks).   While I worked on the party pieces and decor, she pulled it all together with the main element of the gathering.  I mean really…what would a party be without food?
The stylish labels for yogurt, whipped cream, and ‘cup of cheer’ are by LoraLee Lewis.
Always a treat to work with her!  You can see more of her designs here and here.
My sweet niece, Olivia, made reindeer antlers out of candy covered pretzel sticks.  Love the imagination!
Kids favorite activity:  The reindeer food bar.
Each guest was given a reindeer food jar to fill with oats, raisins, bread crumbs and cocoa…and other special ingredients like glitter and flying powder.  Kiddos really got into this activiity.  They loved to scoop up the assorted ingredients, mix together (and then dump it all out and start over again).  It was tough to get a seat at the ‘production’ table throughout the entire party (it certainly was the place to be).
I always love a good ‘creative mess’ – the kind of disarray that shows it’s face when kids have been playing, exploring, learning. It’s a symbol of true-to-life good fun.

‘Please excuse the mess….my children are busy making memories’ – unknown (but genius)
The favorite ingredient:
Miss Julia demonstrated how to sprinkle reindeer food on the driveway (so the reindeer have something to munch on while Santa delivers presents inside on Christmas eve).  This is such a fun tradition for little ones.
Putting out reindeer food has been a big hit with our girls in recent years.  I hope the party guests enjoyed this as much as our kiddos do (and hopefully parents are not too upset about having to shovel up the mess)!    Tip:  Just like Santa’s cookies…remember to clean up the reindeer food.  Your kids will notice if rudolph and friends do not eat their treats!
More LoraLee Lewis style: packaging for take home treats (she gets it right every time).
And, lastly…a photobooth series.
Ever since this party, friends always ask if we’ll have a photobooth…
So we did.
Always fun…but I really need a photography assistant because I spend so much time doing the photobooth that I miss other great party moments.
The fab props are from Little Retreats – my go-to place for props on a stick.  Brooke is so sweet and lovely to work with.