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a good year

2011 adventures and details (as pictured): carnivals, golf outings at vista verde (fountain hills), camping in MN, lazy river, rock climbing, retro pool party, Julia’s 3rd birthday, ice cream date (30 days to kinder), outdoor adventures, halloween, learning to crawl (and then walk), roasting marshmallows, photobooth: commerical project for LoraLee Lewis, sweet moments, favorite boots/apple pickn’, our obsession (tommy), hanging at the pool, first snowfall in MN, graham crackers for making s’mores, lunchbag for our kindergarten girl, big sister kisses, dress up, i love that orange tent, hershey’s chocolate syrup from our going away party, mama snuggles, hula hoops, easter eggs, flippers, cute baby, more hula hoops, family golf outing and picture play, apples from MN orchard, we really LOVE hula hoops, baby bed, loving on him (our favorite 2011 pastime), serious looks, family of 5/always in flip flops, AZ sunshine, packing the UHaul, AZ resort staycation