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Interview with Julia: age 3

This year I started the tradition of interviewing the girls at the beginning of each school year.  It’s a fun experience for sure and I know their words will bring back favorite memories in the future.   See Madelyn’s interview here.

And now, Julia at age 3…

Be warned:  I wrote some of Julia’s words in the way that she pronounces them.  This may be annoying to read so sorry for that – but I want to look back at this and remember the way that she used her words at age 3.  You may not understand the verbage (so sorry!) but it’s true-to-life.

Favorite color: blue

Favorite foods: Peanut ‘Butta’ Sandwich, Maca-woah-ni and cheese

Favorite person: You!  (I wonder what she would say if Dada asked her the question)

Other favorite people: Ahh-livia and May-may and Thomas

Favorite thing to do: Hug my mama!!

Favorite thing to wear: My costume that has ‘sprinkle’s on it (pretty sure she means sparkles)

Favorite Friend: Woah-wick (R0rek)…I love Woah-wick!  And Ahh-livia but she’s my cousin too.

Favorite toy: Donald

Favorite thing to do with Mama: play with mama and fly!

Favorite thing to do with Dada: play stinkerhorsey and dinosaurs

Favorite thing to do with May-may: Play May-may’s com-pew-ta games

Favorite thing to do with Tommy: Play and make him laugh

Favorite movie: RIO!

Favorite place to visit: my home

Favorite book: Dinosaurs happy and Dinosaurs sad (a board book by Sandra Boynton) and Brown Bear – both books that she recites by memory

Favorite trip: Mala-ca-merica-ma (Mall of America) and Target.

Favorite day: Disneyland

Favorite doll: Ah-bewy Ortcake (Strawberry Shortcake) and Dora

Worst day ever: When I was sad because we didn’t have a band-aid

Something that makes you happy: Mama!

What I’m most thankful for: I’m thankful for You!  (pretty sure it’s all because I’m asking the question)

My favorite drink: Juice…I’m going to get something to drink (and she’s off)…

So I follow her into the kitchen and ask another question….

‘I’m done now!  I’m done!’

And when she’s done, she’s done.

Off to play May-may’s com-pew-ta games…

I’m hoping to continue with a few more questions later.  At this age, it’s a good idea to do a little at a time.

Have you done an annual interview with your kiddos?  Any favorite questions?  I’d love to know!