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day 30/30 days to kinder: apple picking

LAST day for our countdown, sweet girl.  30 days!

Our days are so busy right now (in the midst of moving) so it’s especially nice to take time just to be with YOU.   Today we walked around a local orchard and gathered Minnesota’s best: honeycrisp apples.   We sat on a blanket in the middle of the orchard…ate apples…sang songs…talked….laughed…and played ‘I spy’.  You asked me to tell you about all of the things we’ve done during our countdown to kinder and I shared all the details that I could remember.  I’m so glad that we have pictures to look back on (even though some days I didn’t feel like bringing my camera on our outings).

30 special days.  I am so thankful that we made time for fun moments together in these last days before you become a school girl.  It was a great reminder each day to enjoy the small moments and savor the last days before you start school.

I have mixed feelings today.  I  can’t help to feel some tugs at the heart strings as we face this transition.  How is it possible that my baby girl is already going to be in school everyday???  Real school.  With a backpack…lunchbox…recess…new friends…homework.

Tomorrow you start kindergarten!  I am so excited for you – you’ve always loved to learn and there will be so many great experiences ahead.  I am proud of you and feel blessed to be your mama.  xoxo.