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day 26/30 days to kinder: packing

Major packing day….mixed in with a few trips to Goodwill and consignment stores.

The kids love packing boxes but they also like to UNpack the same boxes after they’ve been organized.  We’ve had our hands full for sure!  Preparing to move cross-country with 3 little ones underfoot is quite the challenge…but I’m glad that the girls can see and understand this process.

Madelyn wasn’t sure exactly what we meant when we first told her that we were going to be moving to Minnesota.  She was very sad right away and told us she didn’t want to leave her house…her room…her friends…her school.  Once we started putting everything into boxes she could understand that we were taking it all with us and she started to get excited.  She loved that idea that Minnie Mouse would travel to Minnesota in the truck and reunite with her there.  She is also talking a lot about having her AZ friends come visit us in MN.  I hope they do!