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days 27 and 28/30 days to kinder: interview

For several weeks I have intended to interview Madelyn to capture a bit of her thinking at age 5.  The plan is to ask the same questions every year and reflect on how things change over time.  Since we are currently en route to Minnesota I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to start this tradition.

Interview with Madelyn: age 5

Favorite color: pink, of course

Favorite foods: Boca burgers with cheese, apples, ice cream, lollipops, cotton candy

Favorite person: Justin Bieber…and my mama…and Thomas…and Julia…and Dada…and Amma…and all my cousins…and ALL of my family….and the whole wide world

This comment reminded me of her good-night prayer.  EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT she has the same prayer… ‘Dear God, Thank you for my mama, Thank you for my Dada, Thank you for my baby brother and my sister, Thank you for my Amma and Papa, my  Grandpa Larry, Grandma March, Auntie Kjerstin, Auntie Stina…(and then she goes on to list every cousin, aunt, uncle, family member)…. and thank you for all of my family (even after she already listed every single person by name)…and the whole wide world.  Amen’.

Favorite thing to do: Hug my mama and kiss my mama (yes, I’m melting…)

Favorite person to spend time with: My mama…and dada…and Julia…and Thomas…and I like myself too.

Favorite Friend: Madison Schotz (she always calls her oldest pal by her first + last name…and has since she was 2)…and Rebekah…and Rorek…and Julia (even though she’s really my sister)

Favorite thing to wear: Fancy clothes like pink and flowers

Favorite Toy: Minnie mouse

Favorite thing about preschool: Taking pictures with my teacher

Favorite thing to do with Mama: Hug, kiss, cuddle and just everything!

Favorite thing to do with Dada: Hug, kiss, cuddle

Favorite thing to do with Julia: just play

Favorite thing to do with Tommy: Play and make him laugh

Favorite movie: RIO! RIO! I love Rio!

Favorite place to visit: Target…and the Princess Palace (New digs at the Chandler Disney store)…and Pandamania (Bible school)…and the Lazy River

Favorite Day of summer: My pool party and the 4th of July

Favorite book: Sleeping Beauty and The Bear Hunt

Favorite trip: To Minnesota to be with my cousins

Favorite day: When my new baby brother was born

Worst day ever: When Julia fell and got hurt

Something funny that happened to you: I got locked in the jail with Amma at Rawhide

Something sad: When you got mad at me

Something happy: When I went to the princess castle and Cinderella appeared in the mirror when I waved my wand – it was magic!

What I’m most thankful for: My family

My favorite drink: Milk, water, juice…but no pop!  (my daughter is actually learning a good habit….is this really happening????)

OK, that’s it for today…but I’m hoping to do another series sometime soon.  I have more questions for my sweet 5 year old!

If you’ve never done an interview with your kiddos, make sure to take the time for this.  It’s an amazing experience!  I am thankful that we will always have a record of her comments at age 5.  I wish I would have done this earlier (luckily I can with Julia and Tommy).  I am SOOOO glad that we did this today and plan to do the same every year.