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Grab your swim cap

Giant yellow sun umbrellas…sparkling blue water…finding shade under a cabana…sipping cool drinks…watching children splash in the pool…soaking the sun on an oversized lounge chair…there’s nothing like a pool party to make perfect summer memories.   We have hosted 2 parties this summer in an attempt to beat the heat.  As usual, I took way too many pics at both events and will need time to catch up.  For now, here’s a peek at the fun we had with the girls’ preschool friends (and their families)…

Party Tip:  Make sure to get pictures of your children before all the party guests arrive.  Once they meet up with friends they will have no interest in photo ops.

I shot these pics of the girls an hour before the party – they were excited and fresh so happy to give me some camera love 😉

On the agenda: swim and play!  Simple toys like water balloons, hula hoops, bubbles, squirt guns, and dive-sticks kept the kids entertained.   They had more fun with the 5o cent squirt guns than anything else.

We also had a poolside photo booth (soooo fun)!  Check it out here.

On the menu:

Snow cones (make your own!)

Banana Split Minis

Pool Sharks

PB&J sandwich packs (is that not always the perfect snack for hungry bellies after pool time?)

Life preserver cookies


Freeze Pops

Variety of beverages

Notice the bubble refill station?  Fill your own bubble bottles are a huge hit with the preschool crowd.  Not a bad idea for everyday summertime fun either – we  have kept a station on our back porch for the last few months.

My favorite bubble recipe:

1 part dishwasher soap (Dawn brand is said to be best)
8 parts water
1/4 part glycerin
(available in pharmacies)

Stir the ingredients together and leave the solution in an open container for several hours. This gives the alcohol in the dishwashing soap a chance to evaporate.

The style for this party was inspired by the Loralee Lewis Sweetie Swimcap Collection and I have fallen in love with her entire product line.  Party planning has never been so fun!  Loralee offers fabulous designs, amazing details, and exceptional service.  I have enjoyed working with her so much on the planning of this pool party.