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A series of pics from our halloween weekend + other fall activiites…

The image above was taken by my friend Krista – I love the magical light!

For trick-or-treating, the girls dressed up in their Alice + Queen of Hearts costumes (see more here)…

Is there something wrong with buying your 2 year old a costume just for bed?

Julia loves zebras so when I saw this PJ costume at baby gap I couldn’t resist…

AND baby boy can wear it next (finally something to pass on that is gender neutral)!

Hmmmm…do I sound just a little bit like the Shopaholic (by Sophie Kinsella)???

p.s.  Pre-K parents and friends:  party pics coming soon!  I did not include any of the images here because I will need some time to go through them all but I will email them to you as soon as they are ready.  Thanks for the fabulous day!  It was wonderful to spend time with all of you.