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39 weeks

A few notes about the home stretch of pregnancy…for anyone interested in the details (and if that’s you, I’m guessing you are also a full-term expectant mama).

– This morning when I got to work I discovered that my hubby had packed a brownie in my lunch and I ate it before 9 am.

– Too often I cannot remember whether I have taken my daily prenatal vitamin. Then I have to skip it because I’m worried about taking 2 in one day and overdosing the baby on iron and other vitamins.  Why is it so hard to remember such a simple thing???

– Over the weekend I FINALLY had the urge to clean.  That was a long time coming but I feel so much better having accomplished this important task.  Of course, the ‘clean house’ all went downhill in a number of hours but it’s still better organized than most days.

– I’ve developed a condition called intraheptic cholestasis of pregnancy (severe itching…makes me want to crawl out of my skin).  My Dr. is monitoring this and says that it is something I will have to deal with until after baby is born.  Fortunately, I will be induced next week if baby does not arrive sooner.  The itching gets especially bad at night and really interferes with sleep (just in case all the other preggo symptoms allow me to dose off…so many factors to overcome at night: allergies, nocturnal ninja baby kicking from the inside, hourly bathroom trips, etc).  Eye on the prize!

– I haven’t yet splurged on a prenatal massage or pedicure…but I’m tempted to try something in these last few days.  Instead, I’ve trained my 2 year old how to rub lotion on my swollen feet. Lucky for me, she thinks it’s totally fun!

– We are being so cheap on this baby!  No new toys/equipment at all – everything we have (crib, carseat, stroller, etc) is going on round 3.

– I have also been really conservative with maternity clothes. I’ve purchased 2-3 ‘maternity’ items for the entire 9 mos and tried to make regular clothes ‘stretch’ to get by in the last trimester.   Most days I wear dresses as tops paired with leggings. I have one pair of jeans that fit (they are really low rise so they work with a belly band…barely).  I have a few pair of black pants from my previous pregnancies that are good for work. Otherwise, I wear leggings and yoga pants everyday.  I did order maternity clothes online at 5 mos…but returned everything.  When it comes to maternity fashion, everything looks better on the models. Maternity clothes do not look good on me at all (I’ve tried various styles and haven’t liked anything). Nothing is worth the crazy high prices anyway.

– I’ve never taken maternity pictures before but decided to give it a try this time. I am lucky to have a few photog friends who were willing to take pics for me.  It was fun to get some family + bump pictures ….problem is I prefer being BEHIND the camera. I wasn’t about to wrap gauze around my bare belly in front of a camera — but it was fun to get some playful pics with my family. I also tried a few self-portraits of my growing belly during this pregnancy. Fun to play around!

– I am so thankful that I’ve only had ONE major leg cramp in this entire pregnancy!  In round 1 &2 I suffered extremely painful cramps several times a night and would wake up screaming in pain. So far, only ONE! I can’t believe it.

– What is with this weather?  92 degrees in November!  Can’t wait for cooler days!

– What would I do without Basha’s?  We are so lucky to live only a few blocks away from Arizona’s #1 grocery store.  The employees and service are top notch (everyone is so friendly)…and BEST of all they offer a place for kids to play while parents shop: the Cubhouse.  Our girls love the toys, fun atmosphere, and playtime with friends.   More than anything, they love to hang out with Nicole (the Cubhouse manager)  – she is so great with the kids and does an awesome job providing a well-cared-for play center that is stocked full of toys (everything is from Lakeshore Learning), art stations, a play kitchen, and game area.  We are so thankful!  It’s amazing how an outing to the grocery store can keep our family happy (a half hour to walk around kid-free and relax while the kids have fun with friends is wonderful).  My favorite cravings are always in stock as well: bonus.

– Big plans for the weekend!  I have agreed to shoot a wedding with my photog friend, Megan Papworth (if baby does not arrive before then).  No plans to get into wedding photography…but looking forward to a fun day with Megan and a new experience!  We will be quite a sight: 2 very large preggo photogs (with very large camera lenses) positioning ourselves in every which way to achieve fabulous angles.