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10-S, N-E-1?

Just wanted to say Horray! for the beautiful day!

68 degress and cloudy: perfect.

After the long summer, we are all so thankful for cool weather.  Today we spent every minute possible in the backyard — playing and working on projects.

At the end of the day (just as we were losing light), I took Madelyn across the street for her first tennis lesson.  She loved hitting balls against the boards and running all over the court to retrieve them.  So fun to watch her excitement about a new sport!

I’m happy to teach her a few things about tennis, as she is just learning how to swing the racket…but my husband is going to have to step in here and be the coach.  He is a really good player and it’s totally his game. #1 singles in HS!

p.s. I ‘played’ tennis in HS too…but I was really bad (I stayed on the team because my best friends were players and it was something fun to do after school).  Then, somehow I ended up on the tennis team during my freshman year at college.  I played doubles with my roommate/bestie, Shelly.  I’m not sure what motivated us to join the team…other than a great spring break trip for tournaments.  The memories always make me laugh!