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mini masters

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In honor of the Masters tournament I will post this today.  Pics were taken weeks ago but I’ll share today in the spirit of the Masters (and Tiger’s comeback).

Golf is a year-round activity in AZ (yes, the summer play is HOT but most people don’t let the heat stop them). My husband and his friends play at any temperature (they say that cold beer and carts with misters help a great deal). Spring, of course, is the high time for golf — the weather is absolute perfection and orange blossoms are blooming everywhere (my FAVORITE smell ever).

We’ve taken the girls out a few times this spring to a little 9-hole course behind our house to practice on the putting green. They always have a blast with Tony’s putting challenges and goofing around with the mini flags.  They are still using the Minnie Mouse plastic golf clubs (thank goodness…they swing the clubs around so crazily!). I think we’ll stick with the giant-sized plastic clubs for at least another year. Tony is anxious to get them started in Jr. golf but I’m not sure they are ready for ‘real’ clubs. Thoughts?

Style notes:  Hats by Marili Jean and initial shirts by Gorno Couture