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watermelon picnic

At the end of my photo session last night we finished things off with a good ‘ol MESSY watermelon picnic.  Delicious!  The kids loved it and I was thrilled with their expressions.  Picture perfect.  Before we cut open the giant fruit, we couldn’t resist this picture…

not an entirely new idea – but still fun!

The watermelon was a tad over 16 pounds.  Any guesses on what baby O’s birth weight will be?  We should start a contest.

Now for the juicy fun…

You can see the juicy deliciousness of this melon.  It was so juicy that the boys couldn’t even sit down to eat it.  They had to stand up and hold the fruit out away from them so that the juice could land on the ground.  Their shirts were still covered after only piece.

More pictures from this family session to come!

Also – baby O will have her newborn photo shoot in April so you will see this family grow to a happy SIX very soon.