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canvas collage

I posted info about this new product in January and have had several questions about what it looks like printed on canvas so wanted to share these photos.   This is a HUGE canvas collage that displays over 40 pictures on one canvas. Such a memory maker. I love it!

This collage can be printed on a canvas in any size: 12×18 inches…up to billboard  size!

I printed this series on a canvas for my parents and my in-laws in the small (12×18 inch) size. There are other beautiful grandchildren on both sides and wall space must be shared — therefore, I do not want to give them an overwhelming wall collage. The smaller size will fit nicely in a bookshelf and look attractive without taking over the room. For our own home, I would like to do a family collage and print it on a larger canvas to fill up some empty wall space. I’m excited for the project!

I would love to do a triple photo session at various locations over the course of weeks (even months) and put the images all together in this large collage. If you are interested in doing this, let me know. I would be happy to discuss options with you! Click on the contact link at the top and send me a note…thanks!