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Yearly Archives: 2009

the ice cream truck

      One thing I love about living in Arizona right now is that the ice cream truck comes by our house every few days (always right at dinner time but that’s okay because we’re actually home then).  The girls hear the music playing down the street and run around with great anticipation as […]

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Cinderella mural

  The Cinderella dress + plastic slippers = her sheer delight The Cinderella mural  + exposed brick = my sheer delight     My jaw dropped when I came upon this painted mural.  My daughters will absolutely love this location.  Can’t wait to do more shoots here!

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blikre family: 1st glimpse

I had the great privilege of doing a photo session with this awesome couple and their 3 kiddos earlier this week.  The word here is LOVE.  Love for each other, love for others, love for life…this family knows the good life and it shows in all their actions. It was simply wonderful to spend the evening […]

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the cozy color hat

  Another Marili Jean design! I’m in the process of gathering a few individual pictures for a promotion that MJ will be doing in the following weeks and this one caught my eye.  My daughter calls this one the cozy color hat and that’s the perfect name for it.  You can see how cozy it is […]

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Noah and Lilah: designer spotlight

  I am so happy to introduce a designer that I have been working with for several weeks and have come to totally LOVE: Sherri from Noah and Lilah!  When I first saw Sherri’s clothing I knew I had a winning designer to work with (the fabrics are amazing and the style is cute + […]

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