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Christmas morning


Merry Christmas!  Here’s a few pics from our Christmas morning.  Santa had a few surprises for us this year.  He filled our stockings with very useful things.  He gave my husband some night cream (so now he doesn’t have to steal mine) and he also left our remote control that has been missing for several mos.  That was the greatest hit for us adults.  For the kids…he left Mickey Santa hats (there’s a story there and I will get to that).  He also left some other Disney goodies and a new doll for each of the girls.  It was such an exciting morning.  The girls are the perfect age for this tradition.  They loved tearing the wrapping paper and reacted with great surprise and delight with every gift opening (even those that contained socks).

So back to the Mickey Santa hat.  On our recent trip to Disneyland, we saw Mickey dressed up as Santa and the girls LOVED him.  Ever since their ‘celebrity’ encounter they have been very particular about what Santa should look like.  M told me that she didn’t like the Santa in the mall because he did not have ears like Mickey mouse.  Whenever she sees images of Santa she asks why he doesn’t have Mickey ears.  Every Christmas book causes her to initiate this same questioning.  Every page turn, it’s’Mama! Where are Santa’s Mickey ears?  I don’t like that Santa because he doesn’t have Mickey ears’. Only 4 but she really knows what she likes!  Anyway, it was perfectly fitting that Santa brought a hat with ears this year.