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Monthly Archives: October 2009

sun-kissed sweeties

  Remember the sun faded pictures that I posted last month?  See this post if you are new to my blog.  I tried the same fade effects with some new pool pics.  Take a look at the very sweet sun-kissed girls here…     Another playdate with M&M!   This time we went swimming and the girls […]

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do you want to make tutus?

    Last year about this time I pulled off my first tutu creation (see above).  It’s a handy thing to know how to make tutus.  Soooo easy too. Since this is post 100 on my blog I thought I would celebrate by sharing instructions.   Thanks for following my blog and enjoy the creating fun! […]

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tinkerbell twirls

      A few months old but never blogged.  My sweet girl twirling around the house in her tinkerbelle costume.

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perfect location (updated)

   How perfect is this location for some bubble blowing fun?  You would never believe it but we honestly just happened upon this awesome site while driving around on a scavenger hunt (looking for color).  I was so happy that I packed bubbles along for the session (what a lucky coincidence).           

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the owl sound

    Little J loves to make the owl sound. Everytime she wears this shirt she points to the owl and says whoooooo whoooooooo. So cute!

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