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Two sweet sisters

  I’m working on the photo session that I mentioned in my last post and realizing that there are a lot of images so I will share just a few more now and the others later.  There are a couple ‘sister’ pictures here that really capture the closeness of these 2 sweet little girls.  Enjoy! 

Here’s big sis ‘A’ telling secrets…


Lil sis ‘D’ thought that was so fun that she wanted to give it a try too.  I love this next picture because it shows how she found it necessary to hold up her big sister’s hair in order to whisper in her ear.  So funny!


Oh, the love of these girls!  There were so many great moments between the two of them.  All I had to do was play along with them and keep clicking…  


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 Here’s mom and dad…now you can see where the girls get their good looks!