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5 minute photo session


What can you do in 5 minutes?  A super quick photo session in the AZ heat! 

Both of my girls have worn this fish costume for their 1st halloween events.  Last week I realized that it still fits ‘J’ – barely.  I thought I’d take her out for a quick mini costume session before packing it up to take over to goodwill (this will make a great costume for some little babe this year – perfect timing).   This turned out to be my quickest session yet!  It lasted all of 5 minutes.  It’s just too hot in AZ (even at 6 pm) to keep a little one in a head-covered outfit.  I snapped a couple quick shots and let ‘J’ splash in the fountain a bit to keep cool.  She loved it!  We kept the AC running in the car and jumped right back in after just a few shots.  Here’s what happens in a 5 minute quickie session:




and a black and white conversion of the close-up…