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getting funky


I had a fun family photo session early this morning.  I started photographing these girls (along with their mom and dad) at 6:30 am.  Look at the energy here – you’d never guess it was at the crack of dawn!  These images were fun and spirited so I couldn’t resist a little play.  I just had to funk up the style a bit  – the colors and the attitude called for it.   The girls were skipping, spinning around light posts, twirling, dancing, hugging, loving…you name it.  Actually, the entire family was all about having fun regardless of the early hour.  They were not short on hugs and kisses either so you will see a lot of love in these pictures.  More images to come (including mom and dad too) in a short while but I wanted to share my playtime editing for now. 

Time to get back to work!  I have many things that I’m busy with…this session, last weekend’s session, designer spotlight edits, and prepping for Saturday’s session (not to mention my other life).  Photography is keeping me busy and I’m loving it!