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Monthly Archives: September 2009

Two sweet sisters

  I’m working on the photo session that I mentioned in my last post and realizing that there are a lot of images so I will share just a few more now and the others later.  There are a couple ‘sister’ pictures here that really capture the closeness of these 2 sweet little girls.  Enjoy!  Here’s big sis ‘A’ […]

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4 that have caught my eye…

  I’m working on the images from yesterday’s session and loving the great downtown/city style backgrounds. I have many images to go through but these 4 caught my eye so I thought I’d share. Just a preview…more to come!        

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5 minute photo session

  What can you do in 5 minutes?  A super quick photo session in the AZ heat!  Both of my girls have worn this fish costume for their 1st halloween events.  Last week I realized that it still fits ‘J’ – barely.  I thought I’d take her out for a quick mini costume session before packing […]

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getting funky

  I had a fun family photo session early this morning.  I started photographing these girls (along with their mom and dad) at 6:30 am.  Look at the energy here – you’d never guess it was at the crack of dawn!  These images were fun and spirited so I couldn’t resist a little play.  I just had to […]

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learning to share

  A couple older pics that I just dug up during website revisions… These were taken on a day at the zoo.  Sugar-y drinks are typically off limits for both of these girls but on a special occasion it’s fun to break the rules.   A warm day at the zoo was one of those times.  […]

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