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sun faded


Check it out: awesome faded sun effects!  It’s kind of vintage with a color pop. 

I like to call this style I’ve been out in the sun too long




These pictures were taken earlier this summer in San Diego but I’m just now getting around to working on them in some more creative ways.   I love to play with fading and sun flare!  This is not my typical post-processing but I’m really starting to like the faded, yellowish flare for certain pictures.  I think I may be doing more of this in the future.  If you are interested in this style, please let me know so I can plan for it in your photo session.  Awesome for beach pics! 

I actually made it into a few pictures that you see here.  No, I did not have my tripod along (at the beach?  too much trouble…) but I was able to get my camera settings as I wanted them and then asked my sister or husband (whomever was willing) to push the shutter button.  The picture up top was a shot that my husband took of me the day we left – there I am saying good-bye to the perfect tranquilty of the pacific ocean. 

Since I’m always the one behind the camera I’m typically missing in family photos.  I’m trying to get in more of them.  We have hundreds of amazing pictures of our clan and I cherish them all – just wish that I were in some more of them. 

Photog friends take note: I did not process all of the images here with total consistency.  That was not the goal.  This batch was all about experimentation!  I tried different techniques on each picture.  Fading…flaring…texture…different effects.  How fun is that? 

I love the first images here. 

Faded.  So clean and light.  

















When I saw this little site on the beach I really wanted to be in front of the camera for a few shots with my girls.  I entered my camera settings and asked my sister to snap tons of pictures of us while we played around the lifeguard stand.  She did the job well – she must have shot over 30 pictures.  Then I just chose my favorites for editing.  Thanks Kjerstin! 



Faded + a little texture too… 
















 I am simply in love with this reflection picture…




Isn’t that soooooooo cool?   Here’s another below:







The girls loved climbing up and rolling down the sand piles.  Oh, the joy!




Can you tell I loved the lifeguard stand?   We took pictures here during our first day at the beach and then again after dinner another night.   I was wishing that I would have promoted a photo session and set up plans with some locals in San Diego.  Our trip was a bit spontanious so I was not able to do that but next time I would love to shoot a family at the beach.  If you are from the area, drop me your name and number and I will let you know when we plan our next trip.  After working on these images today I am soooooo eager to get back to Pacific beach! 












blogzzzsunny2IMG_8294elove it








The yellow ‘treat’ shop right at the beach is my favorite place ever!  Awesome color…interesting signage…totally beachy look…ice cream treats…what more could I ask for (other than to pack up the shop and move it to my backyard)?  And by the way, just how great is my sister with her little nieces?  You can just see the relationship in these pictures.  I’m so thankful for that.









Our sweet babe had just started walking when we took this trip (now she’s running all over the place so hard to believe this was just a few months back).  She preferred to crawl in the sand rather than walk (do you blame her?) so I have tons of shots of her on all fours.  I love that!  I’m thankful that we went right at this time and I was able to capture some pictures of her on the beach in the last days before she took off running. 

I love this one here:

1. for the expression and 2. because big sister is running circles around her and you see that her presence is always right there beside her little sis. 




She did start walking when she met this little guy, however….pretty sure she was trying to impress him!  I think we witnessed her first crush here (he was pretty cute and so sweet too).




 By the way, if you love the hat make sure to watch out for it in an upcoming designer spotlight!  More where that came from soon…







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