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minnie mania


It’s obvious that we love costumes and dress up around here.  I think it’s great for a child’s imagination and playtime.  My favorite shopping day is the day after halloween.  Forget black Friday.  I am in line with the early birds November 1 hoping to score a handful of costumes for 75% off.  What a deal to find a year-round dress up play outfit for $4.

Last years Halloween clearance brought in this cute Minnie Mouse dress.  When I bought it I thought for sure it would be a couple years before it would be used (it looked so big at the time and it was a size 4-6).  I was quite surprised when I dug it out with some of the other discount costumes the other day and it fit my little ‘M’ perfectly.  What a happy occassion for her (she is sooooo into Minnie right now).